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Published: 1 month ago

Episode 50 – 2014 Tech Stories

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Hosts: Andrew Nelson, Christopher Rizzo On GNWI episode 50, Andrew, Christopher, and Jennifer chatted about some of the top tech stories of 2014.   Topics: On-Demand economy: Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Airbnb, Haystack, Instacart, Drizly, and Handy Facebook’s “Whatsapp” acquisition Mobile Payments/Apple Pay …

Published: 2 months ago

Episode 49 – Black Friday Deals & Rizzo Returns!

Published: 4 months ago

Episode 48 – Lisa Davis (Padilla) from

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Gerard Truesdale On GNWI episode 48, we had the pleasure of talking with guest, Lisa Davis (Padilla) from, an online marketplace for buying and selling municipal naming rights and sponsorships. We chatted about all about, as well as Google+ polls, …

Published: 5 months ago

Episode 47 – iOS 8, NFC Payments, & Security with Guest Taylor Karras

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Hosts: Andrew Nelson & Gerard Truesdale On GNWI episode 47, we had the pleasure of talking with guest, Taylor Karras from Talknet. Taylor is the host of StargateTalk and SimponsTalk (two shows you should check out), and has a lot of great thoughts on …

Published: 5 months ago

Episode 46 – The Golden Age of Potato Chips

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Hosts: Andrew Nelson, Christopher Gagnon, & Gerard Truesdale On GNWI episode 46, we had the pleasure of talking with guest, Andrew Cunningham from Zarfo. Have a listen as we chatted about satellites, Tesla, Elon Musk, smart chopsticks, gutter oil, Baidu Eye, Android app permissions, …

Published: 5 months ago

Episode 45 – Patrick Jordan from iPad Insight

Published: 5 months ago

Spotify Downloads on a microSD

Spotify users, ever wonder how to save your Spotify music to a microSD? If you’re like me, you listen to Spotify often, download tunes to your Android (for times when you lack data connectivity), and have become frustrated as to why this music library …

Published: 6 months ago

Episode 44 – Back from Summer Vacation

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Hosts: Chris Gagnon & Gerard Truesdale GNWI Episode 44 is chock-full of nerdy gooey goodness. We chatted about the ride-sharing app, Uber, and its ban in Berlin, charging smartphones with ambient sound, a cool new GS5 Prime device, an Alienware gaming device, cyber …

Published: 6 months ago

Summer Vacation

Hey guys! We’re aware that we have been MIA since June, but with good reason….summer vacation. Speaking of which, we hope your summer has been fantastic! We have missed you guys!  The great news is that we are starting back up next week with a …

Published: 7 months ago

Episode 43 – Gerard Truesdale

Episode url:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Hosts: Chris Gagnon & Andrew Nelson, Guest: Gerard Truesdale NOTE: This episode experienced some audio issues. We apologize for any listening challenges this may cause. — We had a fantastic time talking with founder of Crossroads: Pathways to Success and fellow techie, …