Geek Speak

Published: 6 years ago


We took a break from the show due to external projects, but are happy to say that we’re back! Get Nerdy With It will be shifting some of its focus to startups. If you know of a startup that would make a good guest …

Published: 6 years ago

Summer Vacation

Hey guys! We’re aware that we have been MIA since June, but with good reason….summer vacation. Speaking of which, we hope your summer has been fantastic! We have missed you guys!  The great news is that we are starting back up next week with a …

Published: 7 years ago

New iOS App

We now have an iOS Get Nerdy With It app, so you can listen easily on your iPhone or iPad. Please install it and let us know what you think: Thanks! The GNWI Team

Published: 7 years ago

New Android App!

We now have a Get Nerdy With It Android app for your podcast consumption/enjoyment. Please download and let us know what you think!        Regarding iOS, the app has been submitted to the app store and we are waiting for it to load. …

Published: 7 years ago

Total Nerd Takeover: Episode 20 – Summer is Coming

If you haven’t checked out the TNERDT (Total Nerd Takeover) network yet, you definitely need to right away. They have an amazing assortment of shows you don’t want to miss! This past Wednesday, the Total Nerd Takeover Network invited Jennifer Ruggiero from Get Nerdy With It to …

Published: 7 years ago

Be a nerd with GNWI MERCH!

If you’re a nerd, show your true nerd colors by supporting the Get Nerdy With It podcast and website through purchasing some sweet GNWI merchandise!     We appreciate your support.  A million thanks!

Published: 7 years ago

Effects of Social Media on our Brains and In-Person Communications

Tonight, we’ll be chatting about the effects of social media on our brains and in-person communications. This interesting episode will be available to listen on Friday, 2/21/14. Has social media changed the way you engage with people in person?  Has it had any effect …

Published: 7 years ago


Our apologies, but we were forced take a break this week due to scheduling conflicts. Our next episode will be on September 12th with our special guest… Ehsan, the creator of Circloscope for Google+! Be nerdy!

Published: 7 years ago


Very excited to announce that Get Nerdy With It is now on iHeartRadio! Be sure to download the app from your smart device’s app store and search for “Get Nerdy With It” in the show section.

Published: 8 years ago

Made in USA Links

On July 3, 2013 – Episode 7, we had John Alley from USAwares on the show talking about USA-made products, where to buy them, and a lot more (just in time for the July 4th holiday). John, an expert on “Made/Assembled in the USA”  items, …