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Published: 7 years ago

Episode 11 – Darren Vazquetelles with Sports Card Breaks

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Nerdy and Sports? Do those two words go together?

On Episode 11, Jennifer Ruggiero and guest host, Eric Darlington, got nerdy Darren Vazquetelles from, and yes anything can become nerdy (even something as cool as sports). 😉

This episode may make you a bit nostalgic and take you fellas back to the good old days when you were a kid collecting sports cards.


We chatted with Darren about sports, players, the art of box breaks, what makes cards valuable, performing box breaks live online, and much more.

You can find Sports Card Breaks in the following spaces:

Have a listen: Darren Vazquetelles from Sports Card Breaks on getnerdywithit.comiTunesStitcher RadioSoundCloud, & Spreaker.

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