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Published: 7 years ago

Episode 20 – Saul Fleischman from

Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Cohost: Andrew Nelson

Thank you to Saul Fleischman from for being on our 20th Get Nerdy With It show!

Hashtags are everywhere, and you are probably using them in your posts. However, how effective are they for you? Are you maximizing your hashtag results, or do you feel as though you are creating hashtags for nearly everything without an analytic process, as in this video?

Using the right hashtags will get you and your posts discovered online. They help increase visibility and drive traffic. However, the “right” hashtags that will yield the most results are not always apparent. To help you select hashtags that will be the most effective, Saul and team created RiteTag. RiteTag is a hashtag optimizing tool that suggests hashtags based upon your context and schedules your posts as well.


Sign up for the private beta today at

Saul has presented us with a special offer for our listeners. Just skip all the sign-up questions and enter “Get Nerdy With It” for priority access to their private beta! Thank you, Saul!

Be sure to follow RiteTag and Saul Fleischman online in the following spaces:

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  1. Many thanks for having me on Get Nerdy With It. A fun hour!

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