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Published: 6 years ago

Episode 30 – Effects of Social Media

Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson, Guest Host: Vincent Brown

Has social media had any effect on your ability to concentrate?  Do you feel social media has affected in-person communications?  Do you hear people talking in textspeak?  Has our population’s ability to spell taken a turn for the worse?

We discuss all of these items and more in Episode 30 of Get Nerdy With It.

Referenced items:


  • Coca-Cola Social Media Guard – The latest Coca-Cola commercial showing the social media impacts on real life communication:


  • Jimmy Kimmel, Jonah Hill, & Justin Timberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life: #Hashtag:


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  1. Suzanne Ruggiero says:

    So glad you had a show on the effects of social media on people in general. I think it has gone way too far and enough is enough. I agree with your guest Vincent about what is happening to the minds of kids, young adults–actually all of us. The inability to forget proper grammar, knowing how others REALLY feel an impossibility with the use of the social media! That alone in itself should be enough to have it slowed down or just stop. That hastag stuff is ridiculous!!!!! lol what the heck is that?! I know, but other abbreviations I do not know. Great show and I hope it opened the minds of most human beings!!

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