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Published: 7 years ago

Episode 31 – Haight Street Tech Crime Victim, Sarah Slocum

Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero

On episode 31 of Get Nerdy With It, Jennifer had a talk with Social Media Strategist and Tech Writer, Sarah Slocum. Sarah is San Francisco’s latest Tech Crime Victim. One week ago, Sarah was assaulted and robbed in a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass.


Here is a ten second clip shot from her Google Glass:

What ensued after this clip was Google Glass being ripped off her face, a chase, her belongings stolen (phone, purse, & wallet). Sarah was able to retrieve her Google Glass, however, unable to retrieve her purse, wallet, and android device. On a side note and to get nerdy, if you ever lose your Android device, be certain to take a look at Google’s Android Device Manager: allowing you to track and wipe your device. Another phenomenal antitheft tool is Cerberus Anti Theft:

This displayed tech hatred in this San Francisco bar is not too shocking due to the recent San Francisco gentrification news resulting in the Google Bus attacks.

The public reaction to what happened to Sarah Slocum has been both sympathetic as well as harsh. In Get Nerdy With It’s opinion, we feel that Sarah should be able to wear Google Glass almost anywhere she pleases. Just because Google Glass is worn does not mean it is in use as a recording device. It is very similar to a cell phone, only that it is worn on your head. We believe people should learn to be more receptive rather than afraid of technology. They need to have a better understanding of how Glass works, not assume the worst, and keep an open mind. Furthermore, people should never attack one another. What transpired in this event was ludicrous and should never have happened. It was extremely mean-spirited, wrong and shameful.

Have a listen to Sarah’s recount of what happened (our apologies for any audio issues you might hear as there were some technical difficulties during the show).

Sarah Slocum can be found online at…

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