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Published: 5 years ago

Spotify Downloads on a microSD

Spotify users, ever wonder how to save your Spotify music to a microSD? If you’re like me, you listen to Spotify often, download tunes to your Android (for times when you lack data connectivity), and have become frustrated as to why this music library seems to always be resident on the device without an option to move the library to your microSD card.


In Spotify settings, there is not an option to choose where your downloads library resides. Furthermore, if you’re an audiophile, of course you want to download in “Extreme Quality,” so it is important that you have a plethora of storage space, hence the need for a microSD card.

Fret not, for it is possible to store your Spotify downloads on your microSD. By default, Spotify will save to the storage area that has the most free space. For example, if your microSD has 30gb of free space and your device has 10gb of free space, Spotify will store your downloads to the microSD.

To enable this, you must install Spotify AFTER your microSD has been inserted. If Spotify was installed prior to your microSD, delete Spotify and reinstall it. Next, login and re-download your audio. Spotify should now save these downloads to your microSD card (if your microSD has more free space than your device, that is).

I suggest you use a file manager app to check whether the storage folder change occurred and that it is indeed saving Spotify audio downloads on your microSD card rather than device. On my LG G3, it worked flawlessly.

Good luck!

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