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Published: 8 years ago

Tech Webcast

We are honored to announce our next guest, Australia’s very own, Tech Webcast!tw

Tech Webcast is an Australian technology podcast about computers, gadgets, and all realms dominated by geeks. They broadcast every Saturday at noon Sydney, Australia time (Friday night for those of us in the states) for a weekly update on tech news and a chat with a featured guest. Tech Webcast has a fun rapport amongst the show hosts and manages to always have interesting guests on the show.

Get Nerdy With It will be talking with show host, Brad Techwebcast, and show cohosts Andrew Cunningham (from, Jacob Jones, Jody Raines (from, and Steve Clingan this Thursday evening (in the US, that’s Friday morning for you Aussies).

You can find Tech Webcast in the following social spaces…

Tech Webcast on Get Nerdy With It: June 27, 2013 – Listen on getnerdywithit.comiTunesStitcher Radio, and SoundCloud.






If you have any questions for Tech Webcast, please leave them in the comments below before 8:00 PM Eastern, June 27, 2013. Thank you! 



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